Drag and drop visualization tool for living walls, retaining walls, vertical gardens and hardscapes...

In just minutes you can...

- Prototype a design
- Iterate and refine
- Communicate your vision

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Unleash your creativity...

Communicate your vision and close business!

The Right Tools

There's a toolbox full of goodies for pruning, rotating, sizing, and stacking things just the way you want.

Growing Libraries

We're always growing new plants for the library (bricks, stones, pavers too). Something missing, just let us know. Browse the Library

Cloud Storage

Your designs are stored in the cloud, and easy to revise after your next aha moment...


A few sketches - but we can't wait to see what you can do...


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You've got mad design skills, artistry and vision. We're making the tools that help you to market your work and make the world a "greener", healthier, and more verdant place. We've got dozens of ideas for enhancements, but we're counting on your feedback to help steer the ship in the right direction. We'll only succeed when you do...


Suggestions, praise, or criticism - we're all ears!

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